Blogito ergo Sum

The first question anyone probably asks themselves when deciding to write a blog is: why?

And I suppose there are basically two reasons: the first is that you are a shameless egoist who believes (rightly or wrongly) that the world hangs on your every word and that without your pronouncements the planet would be a poorer place, because everyone deserves to hear what you have to say; the second is that sometimes you feel the need to set out some of the thoughts and ramblings you don’t really get a chance to articulate in any other form to others.

I suppose I fall into the latter camp. I don’t expect anyone to actually either read or care about what I’m going to write on these pages, however (in)frequently that will happen. But at least I’m here, dragging myself grunting and heaving out of the waters and settling down to something akin to civilisation.

There is a another reason, and I suppose it is a little more analytical. Blogging has become something of a cultural phenomenon in the recent past and, from a professional point of view, it is useful to see this from the first person, rather than just a tourist.


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