>Shit Arm, Bad Tattoo

>Apparently, Andrew Collins, on his show on the BBC’s 6music radio station, has just run a poll of the most overrated records of all time. Coming in at number one was Nirvana’s Nevermind. now don’t get me wrong, I own a copy of Nevermind and think it’s a great album but overrated is something it most certainly is. AC apparently said that anyone who voted for it was, quote, ‘mad’.

Sorry, mate, not me. I’ve got an attack of singular sanity here. The early nineties was a strange time and Nirvana were just one pretty decent band from Seattle who got (very) lucky. How much more influential on people in bands were Nirvana compared to bands like Pearl Jam, Sonic Youth, Mother Love Bone or even bands like Alice in Chains or Stone Temple Pilots?

Pearl Jam’s Ten is easily as good an album as Nevermind but you don’t find that being salivated over by music journos and other pathetic wannabes do you? Is it possible they wibble on about Kurt because he was just another junkie with a death wish?

Which brings me on nicely to Pete Doherty. Incidentally, in a fantastic vison of clarity, the Libertines were number three in the same 6music poll. Anyway, back to the ghost-faced whinger; can there ever have been a man whose talent knows no beginning?

It’s pretty sad to see that a man who was in band that produced what can only be described as forgettable sub-Stooges dross should be lionised by those who don’t know the real deal. And music journos as well who are jealous that he’s doing better drugs than they are.

As for his poetry? It reads less like Ted Hughes and more like Emlyn.

I can’t actually think of a memorable song the Libertines wrote, and I have heard some (and have a fairly schizophrenic taste in music). And Babyshambles are probably the most aptly named band of all-time, judging by the pathetic mewlings they produce. What is it about him that makes the screaming knicker-wetting legions who follow him lose all mental faculty and worship him as some great aesthete?

Please don’t encourage him any more; if you all shut up, maybe he’ll stop it and go away.


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