Cameron, Drugs and the Media

Anyone else really bored with the David Cameron “drugs debate” yet?

Yes, thought so. Maybe it’s just me but I have found myself, even though I’m more likely to gnaw my own leg off rather than vote Tory (or Labour that matter) but DC has gone up in my estimation. I know he can’t exactly tell the media to get lost and mind their own business, but thankfully he’s gotten pretty close.

In the meantime, certain elements of our wonderful press have worked themselves up into a drooling frenzy at the thought that somewhere in Oxford, God only knows how long ago, an undergraduate might just have had the odd toke on a Camberwell Carrot. I dread to think what these denizens of moral rectitude get up to on their own time, although Robbie Williams had a few insights into that one.

Whether Cameron used drugs or not is barely relevant any longer. What is important is that he is clear-headed and able to make decisions now. Many of us did things when we were barely out of our teens that, in hindsight, we may wish we hadn’t . In many cases (like mine) some of these things are barely consequential, others have heavier weights to bear. The important point is that all of this contributes to experience. If David Cameron did or didn’t use drugs, he’s been around people who have (now a matter of record) and maybe if that informs rational though on drugs use and public policy, that will be no bad thing.

Perhaps all politicians should be forced to engage in real life for a while; precious few of them seem to engage on any real level any more because they’re so caught up with the Westminster merry-go-round.


One thought on “Cameron, Drugs and the Media

  1. >Wasn’t Churchill an alcoholic? During his various stints as prime minister?Booze is ok, of course – its not ‘drugs’ (please either do a sucking intake of breath or beat your chest at the mention of drugs).I’d prefer to focus on whether someone is fit for the job. Churchill, blind drunk or not, whether you agree with what he did or not, was clearly fit for purpose. The pissed-up war-winning bastard.I doubt that Cameron’s experimentation or otherwise could possibly relate to his ability to lead a party that…..isn’t….in power….anyway…. We put a lot of emphasis on random aspects of things because the media tells us to.Speaking of the media, maybe this story sums up what I’m attempting to say. There was some panel or other recently with Cameron and Murial Gray. Murial. Gray.As though she is a proper journalist.Anyway, she said something like ‘oh come on, you were a student and you had money. we all know what students with money do, don’t we’Well guilty as fucking charged.Seriously. Because if the media pronounces you guilty of something they themselves claim is bad, thats the end of you. If you are a politician.


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