"I’m A Sad Old Alky, Get Me Out Of Here"

George Best.

Deteriorating in hospital apparently. And everyone is so concerned.

But looking at it objectively what we have is a sad old soak, who used to be [bloody] good at something but hasn’t done anything useful for damn near twenty years, has pissed his second liver up a wall, thereby depriving someone else probably more deserving of it; someone who may be dead as a result. Just because he’s just a sad, selfish bastard who’s been indulged by too many for too long.

Doesn’t sound quite so romantic now does it?

It’s not clever to walk out of the hospital and straight into the pub. It’s not tragic either, just neglectful and stupid.

It’s a waste of a life, but it’s totally self-inflicted. If he does die, I won’t be shedding any tears.

As an aside, I think George Best is one of the greatest footballers who’s ever lived. There are people who would kill for the talent he had. Think of what he could have done for the game if he hadn’t just been interested in getting himself tanked up. Just thinking about that makes me stupendously angry.


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