Blunkett: Close The Door On The Way Out

And about time too, I’d say.

I think he must have pictures of Blair buggering a goat or something, judging by the way he stood by him way beyond the call of duty this time. Must be an improvement on the Wide-Mouthed Frog…

It’s difficult to have any sympathy with Blunkers this time (I didn’t last time either because, frankly, he was more than a little unhinged and his judgement was fairly poor) because this particular dropped bollock was an entirely self-inflicted one.

It just seems a bit odd that he hadn’t even considered the possibility that there was a conflict of interest and that perhaps, just perhaps, there might be slight problem with that. Doesn’t sound plausible, does it?

And it doesn’t help that he seems to have had Atilla The Hun’s gift for diplomacy and tact with his colleagues. Well done, mate. Ten out of ten for acting up to the hard-man-of-Labour image, minus several billion for being a stupid, arrogant tossbag.


Until the next time Tony brings him back, maybe


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