"Our Laywers Are Watching"

As can be gathered from this post I could hardly be called a cheerleader for sad, pathetic pissed-up old has-been George Best. However, yesterday’s front cover of the News of the Screws just beggared belief. Whatever happened to letting someone die with dignity? Everyone deserves that, at least.

But no, clearly the NoTW have decided that they’ll hound another sad victim to the grave.

Well, seeing as the lawyers are watching, here’s what I think it: it is sickening, egregious, coffin-chasing “journalism” of the lowest order. The fact that you put that on the front page of your malodorous scandal sheet tells me all I need to know about both the people who prostitute their “morals” to take Murdoch’s shilling and those whom you think would read his comic.

It is a fairly demoralising indication of how degraded this country has become when hardly anyone yesterday raised even a word about it. Shame on us all.


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