Hoodies ‘n’ Ting: <Rant Mode On>

Is it just me or are Imperial College just being flagrantly racist, judging by this article?

If I were a student there I’d tell them to stick it and, if Imperial happened to sell branded hooded drill tops and sweatshirts (as many universities do) I’d demand my money back.

And, while we’re at it, can someone have a word with this woman, please?
While there should be alarm bells ringing, asking why a woman should be working nights so support her family like this, I don’t think it works as an excuse for “not having enough time” to discipline your children. This is, unfortunately, just bollocks. If you don’t have time to discipline your child, then you have got your priorities wrong.

And lastly for this ranting riff, how about this story, which says that students working in part-time jobs in term-time do worse at university, and that disadvantaged students are the ones who need to work more. Well, duh; talk about a restatement of the absolutely fucking blindingly obvious. Still I suppose it needs to be said, just to remind our wonderful politicians what a God-awful job they’ve managed to make of Higher Education in the UK. Thanks guys. No, really. Thanks a bunch.


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