Record of The Year? As If.

So, Westlife have just won ITV’s Record of the Year.

Louis Walsh must be so happy, especially after he piled into a whole load of other people this week, accusing them of having no talent. If ever there was a case of pot-kettle acquaintance, this is it. Louis Walsh, like Simon Cowell, is responsible for some of the most God-awful crap that has ever been inflicted on us.

Every time I hear a Westlife song I have an uncontrollable urge to commit mass murder. But then, after about 15 seconds I can’t remember a single thing they were singing about. It’s the same with Boyzone and its dull, wholesome alumnus Ronan Keating; they sound like they’re singing their tax returns. And the music’s about as interesting.

Who buys this crap?


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