The State Of Another Union

“And, Lo!, it came to pass that the monkey spake unto the people. And the monkey said the same old guff as he did last year. And the people shrugged and said, ‘Yeah, whatever’ and went back to watching TV and eating lardburgers as they usually did.” 

George W Bush - linked from BBC News websiteSad, wasn’t it, to see the so-called most powerful man in the world making a speech so bereft of any notion of direction or reason? Instead, GWB simply resorted to the same pathetic, tired old tactic of circling the wagons and telling people to beware of those pesky foreigners.

To be honest, US policy in the Middle East is looking shaky now they are refusing to talk to Hamas who are, let’s not forget, now the elected representatives of the Palestinian people, however objectionable they may be.

Iraq is still, in spite of what the US public are being told, an utter mess. The ‘trial’ of Saddam, a soap opera if ever there was one, is making this brave new, ‘democratic’ country seem ever more farcical as the days go on. Yesterday the 100th British soldier was killed there. You have to ask why.

At home, things aren’t that much better for George. The economy in the US is struggling and seeing the great Ford sheedding American jobs is not going to help him. Mid-term elections are coming soon and GWB is looking down the barrel of a gun; if the Democrats make any reasonable gains, getting any kind of legislation through Congress will be tough. Not of course that he has many ideas to go with. He has now quite clearly demonstrated that he’s run out of intellectual steam (charitably assuming he ever had any) and is now just stumbling through to the end.

And of course back here in the UK, if Tony B Liar™ were feeling a little less beset by care, last night royally put paid to that. His defeat on racial hatred legislation was actuely embarrassing and possibly only a sign of things to come on issues that are even more likely to raise hackles in the Commons.

We live in strange days indeed…


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