Bran Tub

Abu Hamza image - linked from BBC News Well, well. what a strange and wondrous few days we’ve had.

First, Abu Hamza gets what has most certainly been coming to him, while across the middle east the smell of burning embassies and consulates pervades still the fragrant desert breezes. Iran is determined to provoke outrage by commissioning any takers to create a holocaust cartoon, thereby making sure that as soon as it appears it will be seen for the rather pathetic, calculating Jew-baiting tactic it sadly is. Ho hum, plus ça change, as they say…

I think many “reasonable” people (of which I hope I am one) would admit that the press have the right to freedom of specch and expression. At the same time, they must also see that in doing so they may cause people to be offended. It is not unreasonable to be offended by something. Conversely, those who may be reasonably offended must also see that the way of expressing that offence must happen within a set of morally and socially acceptable parameters; inciting murder not being one of them, oddly enough.

At home, of course, things are as risible as ever they were. Ruth Kelly gets the sort of egging-on she really didn’t want, while she and Archbish Bliar™ try to wriggle their way out of the mess they’ve made of school reform.

Now employers are saying they have increased demand for graduates. Unfortunately, our lovely new market-led university system doesn’t seem capable of producing people with he right skills. All of which, says the HE Minister is a total and utter vindication of current HE policy. Erm, yes…

Strangely, Boris Johnson has been rather quiet on the matter, which is a pity really as I think old’ BJ (snigger) could make a useful contribution.


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