De Torchum Never Stop

Bill Rammell - linked from ePolitix.comAs if my depression were not deep enough, I saw this little gem at BBC News today

You’d almost think that someone had an agenda for pursuing a course of wanton, unrestrained philistinism, including ripping the universities down brick by brick. It does actually seem to be working. Given the bunch of ne’er-do-wells sitting at the haeart of our government, you could be forgiven for it couldn’t you?

I think the thrust of what Bill Rammell is saying is that, basically, vocational degrees are the ones of best use. The implicit sting here is that non-vocational degrees are for those who don’t really care if they make a useful impact in society. I wonder how many historians there are sitting in the Commons.

[An aside: Actually it would be very interesting to see what the educational breakdown of MP’s in the House is, and of those who have degrees, what degrees they did. That would probably tell us plenty.]

A word of advice, Bill: there are some who would say doing a degree in French is not, in itself, altogether useful. To underline the fact, look where you’ve ended up. When you’ve considered that, you might like to shut your fat gob, after having first removed your foot from it. Just a thought.


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