“You couldn’t make it up…”

Well, if things go to plan and if Parcelforce can get their skinny white asses into gear, I should be finally getting my iPod. Yay. Parcelforce have singularly failed to even find my house on two occasions so far, which has to be fairly impressive in its ineptidude; even for them.

UPDATE FRIDAY pm: The incompetent fuckwittery of Parcelforce continues. This time, they managed to find the house (after I had provided them with directions), but didn’t actually manage to find the correct entrance, which from the directions was harder than you might think. After three days, a package that should have been delivered the day after it was sent is still not in my possession. To avoid them making an even bigger balls up of the situation, my wonderful other half has arranged for us to pick up the parcel form our local office on Monday, but only after 3pm mind you. and it’ll cost us an extra 50p. Fantastic how they’ll charge you for their own blithering bloody uselessness, isn’t it? By the time I get my iPod (assuming that I actaully do get it on Monday) it will be a full week after I ordered it and 6 days after it was actually dispatched properly by Amazon. Fantastic.

Other hilarious news: Cherie Blair is so ugly that the Labour Party had to spend £275 per day just to make her look presentable and not have her crack TV camera lenses on tour during the last election campaign. He He. Still, as long as it’s their super donors’ money and not mine, who cares? In spite of what some might think, we do not have a first lady, however hard Archbish Bliar might try. The response from Labour, namely “we won, Ner ner. So bog off” was not the most edifying they could have used.

Still, it’s a short week back at work and it’s going to be the weekend in about 5 hours, so what care I?

I will never use Parcelforce again, which means Amazon might be losing some business.


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