The Da Vinci Code

And so the Hollywood marketing behemoth hauls itself into action to promote the Da Vinci Code. Clearly, some people are pretty upset about the film being shown on the grounds that it is blasphemous.

I’m stuggling to see why, to be honest. What is so bad about claiming that a man who lived around 2000 years ago may have had descendents? And it doesn’t even attack the Christian faith itself, just the institutions that prop it up. There’s a difference, but precious few people seem willing or able to see it.

Having forced myself to read some of Dan Brown’s work to maintain some sort of cultural currency (I certainly didn’t buy the things) the worst complaint I have is that his writing style is so bad it makes Jeffrey Archer read like Marcel Proust. I don’t need to bother reading another Dan Brown book because I reckon I could probably construct the plot already, given the identikit quality of the ones I’ve seen.

With luck, the film will be well-paced and will look good (likely with ron Howard directing it). But further than that? Who knows?


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