"So not at all useless then"

Oh, look, the Criminal Records Bureau have just admitted they may just have, you know, just sort of wrongly labelled over two-and-a-half thousand people as criminals. How very inconvenient.

And this has led to some people being turned down for jobs or university places. Why aren’t we yelling from the rooftops at just how bloody useless this is? and why aren’t the media all that interested. Even worse, the CRB isn’t exactly apologetic saying it made “no apology for erring on the side of caution”. Even its apology letters were written to tell those complaining effectively to f*** off.

In the midst of all this and more, notice how Archbishop Bliar has disappeared to the middle east again for some peace?

Here’s a better idea. In cases where you are dealing with highly personal information that may have a long standing effect on the course of a person’s life, why don’t you GET IT BLOODY RIGHT THE FIRST TIME, YOU MORONS. Screwing up the lives of 2,700 people is not a small, isolated mistake. The BBC article mentions that CRB statistics claim around 25000 unsuitable people were filtered out by the system last year. To me this looks like a false positive rate of around 10-11%. I think something is systemically fairly stinky here, becasue that is not a good failure rate for such an important service. Or is it just me who’s nitpicking?

Doesn’t it fill you with confidence for the onset of the National ID Database? No, thought not. Me neither.


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