Question Time

Question Time last night was an absolute riot (well, metaphorically anyway).  I almost felt sorry for Geoff Hoon. God, what am I saying, of course I didn’t. Not remotely. you know things are bad when an audience stop barracking you and either just sit and laugh at you or ignore you.  Things were that bad for Geoff Hoon last night.

It’s interesting to see audiences around the country, who are not by inclination apt to be biased in any one direction all the time, flaring up and biting the government. But it’s interesting that the reception that cabinet ministers are getting is becoming increasingly angry and fractious, more so than the mid-1990’s when the Major government was in situ.

It’s also interesting that the other parties don’t seem to be making too much capital out of this, but that the non-partisan guests are always much better received and always seem to have something to say that is of value, rather than trotting out the usual on-message banalities they feel they have to. Perhaps this is why (party) politics is at such a low ebb. Even John Reid’s blustering earlier in the week couldn’t cover up a total lack of ideas as to how to go on, no matter how many pointless “100 day plans” he tries to grandstand.


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