England. Grrr.

So, here I am, back in “sunny” England after a fabulous two weeks away in Greece (Lesvos, actually. It was lovely, thanks) and already my blood is starting to simmer nicely.

It’s nice to see our prime minister is still a clueless, psychotic blank-eyed lunatic. Blaming the criminal justice system for some of the current problems, is just a little bit rich considering you’re the one who is actually responsible for its stewardship and for the passing of over 50 acts of parliament that have helped to foul things up. Great. And now John Reid is going to be in charge of “respect squads”. Here’s a plan, why don’t you give them lovely brown shirts, shiny boots and crew cuts. They can go around beating up suspected terrorists (but they’ll call them Pakis for convenience). Then the Daily Mail will be overjoyed.

And then there’s David bloody Cameron. Fresh from telling us he’d have gone into Iraq as well, he’s now saying that we should have a Bill of Rights instead of being a signatory of the Human Rights Convention and having the Human Rights Act. Now, this may have been a nice idea 300 years ago, but you know what Dave, things have moved on a bit. A prescriptive Bill of Rights doesn’t really work inside our constitutional framework, such as it is, so unless you’re prepared to start rewriting everything form the bottom up, perhaps you could reconsider what is just, in reality, a fairly transparent attempt to cuddle up to supposed “middle england” (wherever the bloody hell that is) voters who are paranoid about a Human Rights Act which actually works better than many are prepared to admit.

The interesting thing is, although Greece has its problems too, it seems to actually work in the towns and cities. And maybe it’s just me but people do generally seem happier to have family around them and work closer to home. Even the bus service is cheap, clean and efficient. Why can we even do this basic stuff any more?


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