Playing, "We Told you So"

> Source: BBC News websiteOoh look, the governement’s ID card scheme appears to be experiencing a few, ‘local difficulties‘. Can’t honestly say that I’m too surprised.

The coverage seems to have started over the weekend in the broadsheets like the Guardian and Sunday Times, saying that many very senior project managers and directors within agencies wondering whether the ID systems as proposed by the government are even feasible at all. Even worse, many are planning for partial or even total failure of the scheme in a working form. It’s all very well to engage in contingency scenarios, but this is starting to look both serious and risible at the same time, which is something of an achievement.

And then in today’s Guardian, a great article in G2 by Henry Porter, who has writen in the Observer and elsewhere (The Independent / Vanity Fair), very eloquently, on the same subject several times.

I am certainly starting to detect an increasing air of anger and resentment in some quarters to the whole shebang. And what’s worse for the government is that these people are not the unwashed proles; they are generally people whom one would think would be firmly within the Labour circle.

But you see, plenty of us were saying ages ago that it would all end in (hugely expensive) tears. And it looks like we might have been right all along.


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