Utter Bloody Madness Round-up

Nice to know the world is its usual, well-balanced normal self:

I’m not a Daily Mail reader, but saw this link on Slashdot today. Congratulations to our friends the bollockheads in blue for turning some fairly harmless kids into internationally wanted criminals. What’s worse is that these kids (and their parents) are now going to harbour a serious mistrust of plod, where they didn’t before. And who can blame them? The police say that they have a tough job (and I agree), but sometimes they really just don’t help themselves do they?

Mel Gibson
. Can you all just shut up about this borderline (or maybe not so borderline) alcoholic? OK. He was arrested while drunk and said some things that were pretty unpleasant. Judging by the reaction in the US, you’d think he’d sodomised Mother Teresa’s corpse. You might also think that the American people would have more important things on their minds, like Lebanon, given there taste for unsolicited interference in the business of other people. Clearly not.

Conversely Mel, effectively saying, “people who are anti-semitic are nasty and should be strung up, but not me because I didn’t really mean it”, doesn’t amount to much of a defence now, does it? So perhaps you could shut up too?

Ah yes, Lebanon. another day, another stream of worthless platitiudes. It is clear that, yes, Hizbollah are terrorists and have murdered innocent people. I don’t think this justifies the programme of seemingly casual and haphazard violence that the Israeli state seem intent on pursuing. Much is made of the Hizbollah wish to “wipe out Israel”, though no one really stops to consider why they have taken this position. Is it because that is the only way they believe they will ever be safe from the kind of untrammeled aggression being executed by the Israeli state?

However you slice it, and however long the US and the UK sit back and let Israel do its worst, this is still mass murder; pure and simple.


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