Whitby Regatta

I forgot to mention, earlier in the week, that we’d been to the Whitby Regatta at the weekend. The weather wasn’t good! In fact, Sunday was what can only be described as bloody awful. The clouds were down as around 500 feet; pretty much all of the flying stuff was called off. The first picture is what the sky looked like from the windswept West Cliff, where most stuff was going on.

Katie got a nice goody bag from a nice guy at the Coastguard’s stall, while next door, the people selling Red Arrows merchandise looked fairly sick and begraggled by the weather. There was a fairly strong northerly wind coming in so the sea had a fairly impressive swell on it, especially later on when the tide was up. And these were fairly high tides.

So, Nik and Katie were both looking a bit damp when I took this picture up near Captain Cook and the whalebones on West Cliff. We didn’t hang about much longer as Katie was starting to get a bit cold and we were all feeling a bit miserable.

This is Katie and me taken on Monday, however, which was much nicer. Althoug hit was still a bit breeezy, the weather held off and we managed to have a good old wander about. We didn’t stay around the centre for the fireworks though, as boo was getting a bit sleepy. When they did start though, at around 9:45, they woke her up, so we wandered out of the back door and manged to see some of them above the trees, which she was fairly pleased about.


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