Labour Conference “Hilarity”

  1. Fat Boy Prescott lambasts David Cameron for, “hypocrisy and putting clever marketing above serious politics”. Hello, Mr. Kettle. Pleased to meet you. I’m Mr.Pot. It’s wonderful to see Labour finally seeing how they appear to the world, when they look at the chinless wonders of the Conservative Party.
  2. John Reid: where do you start? Is it the fact that he seriously thinks he may sweep to power as Labour leader, then become Prime Ministers garlanded by the love and genuflecting awe of the populace, or the fact that in his conference speech today, he stated, not altogether unreasonably, that, “bullies must be faced down”. Oddly, when people try to do exactly that in the face of some of the most authoritarian legislation and governance seen in living memory in this country, he doesn’t seem to be entirely pleased about it. Perhaps that’s because he’s a pathetic old opportunist with a face like what can only be described as a well-smacked arse. For God’s sake, even Menzies Campbell looks less weather-beaten. And he’s not a serving Gestapo member.
  3. Bliar‘s Gordon Brown one-liner was pretty good though, even though it’s hard to imagine a sociopath like Tony being emotional about anything other than his own political demise. C’est la vie.

And all of this is hilarious, except for two little reasons:

  1. This is supposed to be a democratic gathering. The governemnt got turned over by conference yet again on NHS sneak privatisation (execpt it’s blatant now): something which the government will utterly ignore. Then they wonder why party memebership is through the floor and activists are deserting in droves. Should we draw them a diagram?
  2. This party is our government. Someone actually voted for them. If you find someone who did in 2005, please let me know.

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