A Slippery Slope…

After resisting it when it was hideously fashionable I find I am developing a liking for manga and anime. I must admit that my tastes are quite specific though. Recently, I have found myself really enjoying Love Hina, Chobits and Ah! My Goddess. This probably says quite a lot about me, thought what that is I don’t know.

What I do know is that even though they’re “just cartoons and comics”, I find that there’s a lot more intelligence,emotional depth and interest in these things than quite a lot of the guff that gets ladled up to us in the UK as entertainment. Even the supposed standard setups for this genre of manga/anime were pretty different in each case. In fact, only in the case of Love Hina would you describe the male protagonist as an arcehtypal “loser”. I certainly didn’t get that impression with either Hideki (Chobits) or Keiichi (AMG).

Why do I say “slippery slope”? Well, if I’m not careful,, I may end up like this 🙂

Feb 14: Oh. God. now I’m reading Ken Akamatsu’s latest, Negima!. There’s no hope for me now, is there?


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