My Media Roundup

No, not news. Just a swift trawl through what I’m reading/listening to/watching at the moment

  1. Doctor Who. Clearly a no-brainer here then. If anything series three seems to be even better than last time round. This can only be a good thing, especially with John Simm to come…

  3. Life On Mars. Ooh, Mr Ambassador, you are spoiling us.The final episode ever was a beaut, and although I saw the outcome coming, I didn’t see how it would get there. A quality, quality item.

  5. Téo and Téa : Jean Michel Jarre, in which a 58 year old living in Paris goes all dancy and strange and sort of gets away with it even though, surprise surprise, the Britsih music press think it smells rank. What do they know, they thought the Libertines and The Strokes were the future of rawk. Tossers.

  7. Costello Music : The Fratellis. Big dumb singlalong fun!

  9. Yours Truly Angry Mob : Kaiser Chiefs Maybe not quite up to the elevated heights of the first album but pretty good none the less, especially The Angry Mob and Everything Is Average Nowadays

  11. Negima! volumes 11-13. In which our hero is still embroiled in the Mahora Festival Martial Arts Tournament and where, in volume 13, he gets to fight against someone most unexpected. I really can’t wait until volume 14 next month when we finally get into the third day of the festival.

  13. Naruto volume 1,2. Why is this the world’s most popular manga? I mean it’s not like its bad or anything but I can’t see why all the fuss about it. I got lent this by Dave, who has been raving about it too me for ages and normally his radar is good (Tenchi and El Hazard came recommended by him). The measure for me is that if I don’t read the next volume, I won’t be all that bothered

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