Eurovision 2007

>Well, wasn’t that just pants?

In the pantheon of crap Eurovisions, that one really had to be up there. There were some hilariously cheesy songs in there and actually one or two good ones. So, while I was watching (and listening to) Finland, Sweden, Ukraine and Bulgaria, who were all pretty good actually. Even the French were quite amusant. But the Ukranian was especially fantastic, mincing around like Christopher Biggins in tinfoil. Fabulous. I’ve just been to the Eurovision website and watched the video for it again. It’s even more mental than I remembered.

And then what won? A Serbian dirge. Yippee. I can’t actually remember a single bit of it, only that when it was on I wanted to slash my wrists. With a chainsaw. Ken Bruce mentioned that she looked a bit like Joe Pasquale. Pity she didn’t sound like him, it might have made the song a bit more interesting.

Even worse, the UK entry, which was shit even by our standards, managed to get 19 more points than it actually deserved. What the hell were Malta thinking about? It was about as bad as the Irish entry, which frankly was an abomination.

I just wish I’d been able to watch the voting, just to see Wogan fulminating against what can only be called comedy voting now. Instead, I heard Ken Bruce on Radio 2 doing much the same thing, but at least punctuating it with a few decent songs to break up the mood.

Ah well…


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