Patientline rides again

Earlier, I had a bit of a rant about PatientLine, the company who make a lovely profit out of selling things like TV,Radio and telephone service to patients while they”re in hospital.

Well, this morning the BBC has had another go at them, this time claiming that the culture inside the company had changed over the last few months and they were now being more aggressive in their selling. The focus of the report concentrated on James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough, where I had a little sojourn at the turn of the year. There was a Patientline presence there and the did seem to be approaching people who, frankly, were not in any fits state to commit to anything. From the sound of wat was being said, things have got even worse.

I said at the time that services of this type shouldn’t really be provided by a company whose objective is to milk as much profit as possible. When this is at the expense of people who are vulnerable and sick, that is just unforgivable. however, the response seems to be a shrug of the shoulders and a half-hearted cry of, “well what can you do, thery’re there to make a profit”


One thought on “Patientline rides again

  1. >The News is spreading about the dreaded Patientline I see!If you are willingto be a supporter of “Patients in need” please contact Peter Troy at who is running a campaign to put pressure on the government to force patientline to cut its charges.–you may have seen him on TV “breakfast” yesterday. June


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