Home Sweet Home

As If.

It’s been an eventful couple of weeks. While we were out of the country we got a new Prime Minister, had two terrorist alerts and we subjected to mass flood, plague and pestilence. And we came through Saddleworth and the fog and rain on the way home on a grinding journey back.

And of course Britain went Smoke Free. now we have gangs of no-smoke gestapo prowling the streets to ensure no one dares to smoke anything. Coming back into Manchester Airport on Tuesday I was confronted with the banner, “Welcome To A Smoke Free Britain”. Nice. Then I went to the loo and saw a needle exchange sitting in there. So now, it is more socially acceptable to be a smackhead than smoke a cigarette in a public building. Mental.

The day I left Britain the dear old Grauniad carried and article about the rise of so-called “Bossy Britain”. It’s true. Go to Europe and see just how much time and effort they waste on continually shouting at people not to smoke, not to drop litter etc. It seems that we are being infantilised to an increasingly dangerous level. We must be told what we can and cannot do because we can no longer make reasoned decisions for ourselves.

ON the positive side, Greece was lovely, the people were friendly to an exceptional degree even by the standards we have already seen. We left the UK only to arrive in to Greek heatwave with temperatures up to around 43-44C. Kefalonia is a staggeringly beautiful place it must be said, with view that are so fabulous it’s difficult to express them in words. The view out from the mountains over Ithaka and over to the mainland were utterly stunning.


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