Harry Potter and Floods

No, no connection really, just couldn’t really be bothered with two separate posts. So, to flooding first:

Isn’t it amazing that the moment that anything south of The Wash gets some rain, the crazed headless chicken-fest that is emergency planning begins. Even better we’ve had the moon-faced numpty Cameron bleating about the terrible damage and that something must be done. God, that man is terminally bloody useless.

It seems as if Polly Toynbee’s Guardian column on July 3 was extermely prescient. I remember reading it driving how from Manchester Airport back home in the sheeting rain and agreeing with much of what see said.

Where exactly was the urgent review of the “flooding crisis” when one home in 10 in Hull was flooded, or when Sheffield and doncater were hit? And I’ll bet that all those people quoted in the south saying, “Why should we bailed out the uninsured” aren’t feeling quite so smug and self-satisfied now, are they?

Don’t get me wrong, those poor souls who have had their homes overrun have a very great deal of my sympathy, especially those in the south-west who are as readily forgotten as we in the north. I do wonder though, why it is only now that somehow it seen at the government level as something that needs to be addressed.

More cheerfuly though, I became one the sad deluded mass this weekend, when I bought the final Harry Potter book. I hadn’t actually meant to. I went out shopping for something to do with Nik and Katie. While Katie was having shoes bought for her, I sloped off into Borders and picked up a couple of volumes of Negima! that I was missing. While I was there, I just happened to spy the book sitting on the display units and picked it up to flick through near the end. In the end I just thought “sod it” and took it to the counter.

Anyway, by 6am on Sunday, I’d read it. And was it any good? Certainly, yes it was. I realised as I was reading it that I had predicted two major parts of the story, but there was still much in there that I hadn’t. As a result there were still some welcome surprises and some beautifully written prose near the end, where all the loose ends were very deftly brought together.

PS Katie got two pairs of very nice shoes. She suits them.


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