No Blogging

To be honest, this blog has been updated fairly sporadically since its inception. The one man and his dog who do read though, may have noticed that things have been more than normally quiet in these last few weeks of what remains of summer.

This is because I am experiencing a particularly unpleasant set of personal circumstances at the moment. They are not the type of circumstances I would like to share with the world, even though in some sense it might even be cathartic to do so. Suffice to say that, right now, I don’t believe I have ever felt quite this low in my entire life. But all I can do is get on with it all as best as I am able and try to make things better.

One thing that has impressed itself upon me during recent times however, is this:all of my life all I have ever tried to do is please other people and be “nice”. Looking at where this has got me makes me think that “nice” is overrated and I’m not prepared to be that way anymore. My priorities are changing and i think I might be too.


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