Election Fever

So, Gordy has finally poured cold water on Cameron’s shrill, persistent screeching for an early election. Now, the decision may have been occasioned by the fact that, following the revelation that Dave can walk, talk and remember his lines all at the same time in his party conference speech, thereby covering him in glory in the latest polls, but let’s not get carried away. The facts are these: Britain is a constitutional monarchy. In such a setup, the electorate vote for political parties in elections. Usually, the leader of the largest party (though there have been exceptions – Wilson in 1974, for example) is asked by the monarch to form a government. The last time I looked, Labour were still the largest party in the Commons, so nothing much had changed there. As far as I can see, until Labour fail to be the largest party or they lose a vote of confidence in the Commons there is no need for an election.

Indeed, the precedents for this don’t exactly shout out for an early poll do they? When Cameron and George Osborne were working for the worst chancellor in memory I didn’t hear a Conservative clamour for Major to go to the country early. But then it didn’t happen with Hume, Eden or Macmillan either. The ruling party was still the same, all that happened was some shuffling of the furniture. So it is now and anyone shouting for an election should probably just calm down and get a grip.

Oh, and I watched both ITV News and GMTV fleetingly this morning. Is it just me or was it just the most appallingly splenetic and partial coverage ever? The reporter standing outside Downing Street was doing a piece to camera calling Brown a bottler and a coward. Nice to see some balance there.


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