Ray Mallon – Shut The F**k Up

Oh great, just listening to the evening news tonight and seeing article in the Evening Gazette, it seems that RoboPrat, the mayor of Middlesbrough, is still banging in about the Boro’s dismal showing on Location, Location, Location‘s Best/Worst Towns survey. It’s clear that he thinks he’s giving the town a much-needed shot of publicity and raising its profile across the country.

Well no. he’s just making himself look like a pompous, jumped-up prick. Get over it. It’s a (not all that great) programme presented by an over-upholstered posho and her hilariously sibilant lisping fop companion.

By constantly banging on about this, Mallon has utterly missed the point. He’s merely reinforcing the “Middlesbrough is grim” message because that’s the one that is constantly being repeated. If he could just shut has stupid fat mouth, it would probably just go away after a couple of weeks and would fade away. All of the good work done by getting things like Proms in the Park has now been undone because this fool doesn’t know when to put a sock in it.

It’s not like Middlesbrough is miles grimmer than a whole load of other places but it does have its pockets of arse-clenching awfulness. Get used to it Ray, that’s what pulls viewers. All you are doing by dragging this on is making yourself, and the town, look foolish. Stop it.


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