Ah, Um, Yes, Well…

I’ve just looked and realised that it’s been nearly a month since I wrote anything on here. Well, you know how it is…

I didn’t get the job at the BBC. I was a bit disappointed at missing out on a great job but, at the same time, not at all disappointed at avoiding having to live in London. And I got twenty minutes of the best post-interview feedback I’ve ever received from the chair of the panel; not only a very nice man but the dispenser of some very good advice and some encouraging words. It made me feel fairly good about things afterwards.

I’ve been a little bit busy with work and work-related things so didn’t really get chance to comment on either the murkiness of Labour Party funding or the wonders of the security policies and enforcement at HMRC. I really could write a long diatribe on the hopelessness of IT and security in the civil Service but right now it would be utterly pointless, so I think I ‘ll pass.


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