Oh God. Not Again

Oh look, the chinless upper-class twit’s chinless upper-class twit, moon-face Cameron, has decided to wade into the benefits arena with this latest gem.

According to reports, the proposals would force people to sign off unemployment registers and would require them to do work for up to a year if they have been unemployed continuously for two years or more. At first, this almost seems reasonable because there are people who do take the benefits system for a ride. But, like most headline grabbing ideas of the type, they are frequently badly thought through.

For instance, how convenient it will be to look at the jobless figures and see all of those people excised from the totals, especially if the economy is going to be rocky in the early part of a shiny New Tory government. And it would all be done so cheaply too: pay them benefit with a little on top and it’s the perfect solution. Well, no it’s not. And it’s not exactly a new idea. The Major government and the early Blair government did something broadly similar, calling it things like “Training for Work” or somesuch. It wasn’t a roaring success then but it did harness some extremely cheap labour and kept the chattering classes off the politicians’ backs because they could say they were doing something.

But what of the poor cattle doing it? My dad was one of them and was successfully strung along not once, but twice, into thinking there may there may have been a long-term future and a job for a man in his fifties on long-term “training” programs. Both times he was used and shat upon from a great height. And it possibly did long term damage to his health.

So when I see witless pillocks like Cameron rehashing a poor old idea as something whizzy and new I feel angry that he’s done it and even more angry that some idiots will even fall for it.


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