Second Life? Get A Life!

I watched Wonderland on BBC2 last night. And what a profoundly depressing experience it was.

I watched it feeling a mix of anger and pity for some of these people who are desperately clinging onto something to let them escape from their own dull real lives (the real root of the problems).

There’s something rather unhealthy about watching someone transpose their wishes and hopes onto avatars. Worse, they talk about Second Life as a means of empowerment. The people hare are, unfortunately, damaged. And the examples given are incredibly selfish, with other partners and children suffering.

I have used Second Life sporadically as part of my job and, as anyone who knows me can attest, I’m a geek, but I find the obsession with SL at this level positively terrifying. And worse still is the level of self-delusion and denial in rationalising this behaviour that goes with it. It is like watching an alcoholic or a drug addict try to convince the world that everything’s peachy and failing miserably.


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