The Utter Bloody Pointlessness of Blogging

I had a conversation with a friend today. I say ‘conversation’ but what I really mean is that we exchanged a couple of messages on Facebook (for logistical reasons this really does count as conversation) where we discussed the merits of a third person’s blog.

Which sucked balls, to put not too fine a point on it.

And then I got to wondering why so many blogs do. People write blogs for a variety of reasons I suppose. Some to illuminate a corner of life that few others really know about, some to discuss issues that interest them, with differing degrees of success (like me), while yet others seem to find blogging a cathartic way of sharing pain or dealing with personal troubles that would otherwise be left to internalise and fester.

The latter makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable at times. While writing can indeed be therapeutic and provide a sense of catharsis and release, sometimes I wonder whether baring those things in a forum that anyone in the world with an internet connection could read is the most sensible of things to do. Perhaps some people who do write blogs really shouldn’t, or at least might like to consider whether self-immolation is an advisable thing for which to do it.

And then there some blogs that are just dreadfully, dreadfully, Arthur-Putey-level dull, of course.


One thought on “The Utter Bloody Pointlessness of Blogging

  1. >I believe I concur. Who in their right mind would want to waste thier time skimming over a garbage heap of anonymous postings by random people that have no other qualifications than an internet connection. But then again, I would have to wonder about the people that spend their time fawning over other people’s pointless thoughts. Who’s really wasting their time? The people that write the mundane seconds of their dreary lives or the people that actually seek out and read their spoutings? Who am I to say…


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