Ashes To Ashes

I’m not quite sure what to make of Ashes To Ashes. It feels very different to Life On Mars (which I’ve now just picked up for a bargain basement price). The dynamic between Drake and Hunt has definite undercurrents doesn’t it? I’m also having the problem right now that my TV picture is so bad that I pretty much had to give up on last night’s episode. What I saw was looking pretty good however, especially, “I don’t wanna see any hiccups between now and the twanging of the royal hymen, alright”. It is though starting to venture into the realms of self-parody and being just a little too self-aware. I hope it doesn’t spoil things.

The scheduling means that I can avoid Little Miss Jocelyn too. Now, I like to think I can find something to laugh at in pretty much anything (I know, this is usually the sign of a humourless tosser poking his head over the parapet, but not here I truly believe). But this is as funny as bowel cancer. Most of her characters are as irritating and shouty as the next. I sat through one and didn’t laugh once. So, thinking it was just me I watched another. This time not only did I not laugh, I didn’t even crack a smile. It was grim.


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