What I Did On My Day Off (aka I went to Durham, it was ded gud)

…otherwise known as ‘Goody, another job interview’. This one was in Durham. And I didn’t lose my mobile phone, which I suppose is an improvement on the last one. In fact, in terms of travel everything went pretty much to plan.

The building pictured (for those who can see it) is actually not the place I was interviewed. No, this is the new Earth Sciences building in Durham, which is an equivocal delight. Reactions are mixed, though I must say I rather like it. The Science site looks like a bomb has hit it, to be honest; they’re building everywhere, though bits of it still look broadly the same.

I spent much of the day in the University Library, assailed on all sides by librarians. not, in actuality, an unpleasant experience, but quite a long one as all of the group and tour stuff happened in the morning and I didn’t get interviewed until after three by a panel of four.

I am now waiting for the phone call that tells me the results of the application. As I write it’s fairly late on Monday afternoon. I would have expected to have heard by now, so I’m starting to think that it’ll probably be a ‘no’. But I’m not all that concerned. After all, the day wasn’t dead loss: after 20 years, I finally bought myself a Collingwood scarf. Which was nice 🙂

Well, alright. It wasn’t a phone call in the end, it was an email. I didn’t get it. Oh well, c’est la vie.


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