Booze Confusion

So, this morning the BBC ran a story about how the Tories plan to tax cheap alcohol to buggery in an attempt to curb the evils of ‘binge’ drinking.

I’m confused, especially as after remembering stories like this one about middle class drinking from late last year, inter alia.

So just who is the source of all of this binge drinking. While attempts to make alcohol harder for kids to get hold of are in some part welcome it seem to resonate with another issue that is rising in the public consciousness: attitudes to the working class. It seems that the received wisdom from the political classes is that the principal problem is hordes of marauding proles throwing cheap booze down their necks and drinking themselves to oblivion.

Meanwhile, nice middle class people are left untouched by all of this, able to drink at dangerous levels, doing much the same levels of damage. Why?

Well, perhaps it’s because the middle classes essentially see the working class as a problem to be solved, feeling the need to intervene and impose their own morality upon them. Or perhaps I’m talking out of my bottom. Who knows, or cares? Maybe that is why the white working classes feel so marginalised and ignored, and why their disconnection from the political process that those in Westminster bang on about is accelerating.

an across the board tax just won’t happen because it runs the risk of upsetting all those lovely floating middle class voters. Taxing only the cheapest just doesn’t solve the wider problem, but this announcement isn’t about solving problems, it’s about the thing that ost political announcements are: gimmickry.


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