That London

Bit late posting this because of network troubles but hey-ho…

One of the side-effects of going to see JMJ was of course that I was going to be in London overnight. So I relied upon the hospitality of my mate Zahid and his (lovely) fiancée, Helen.

I’d decided to fly down from Teesside in London on the Sunday, partly because the journey would get me in nice and early but also because I’d never done the journey that way before, so I thought it would be interesting.
The flight was fairly short at around 45 minutes, but the entry into Heathrow was great, banking in over the mouth of the Thames and coming in right over the centre of the city. The plane got down at around 1:15 and by around half-past one Id met up with Z and H and was on the way out to a nice pub in the village of Penn Street in the Chilterns for Sunday lunch called the “Hit or Miss“. It was a lovely day too, though we decided to eat (a very nice) lunch inside. Afterwards we had a very quick wander around the village. It was quick too because there’s not much there, picturesque as it is. 

And then we wandered back to Z and H’s place in Amersham, taking in their new one on the way. And then after a quick coffee and a chat, off on the train into London for the gig…

…before coming back on the last train from Marylebone at around 1130. got back at around midnight and crashed on a very capacious sofa.
Then, on Monday a leisurely morning before lunch in a local pub and the train back. It was nice to catch up with some old friends and chew the fat.

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