So Eurovision comes back around again. I’ve actually managed to check out some of the entries at the Eurovision website. I haven’t had chance to look at all of them yet but there are some sources of great entertainment this year.I Remember that I’m only going on the video footage on the web here, I have no other points of reference and didn’t see the semis.

I’m particularly gutted that the Irish didn’t get through. Still, a song that quite blatantly takes the piss out of the whole enterprise was a risky proposition. Perhaps they could finish the job and try entering My Lovely Horse next year (note: when I say enter, I’m not angling at the bestiality angle 🙂 ).

And my opinions about this year’s bunch?

  • Romania: she’s wearing what might be a bin bag. no, she’s gone a bit Goth on us. They’re on a beach. With clocks. And an orchestra. Ok. Why?
  • Spain: The song’s kind of quirky and I quite like it, though I’m not quite sure why. Probably just a little too out there to actually win but you never quite know, do you?
  • France: mostly in English, so, mais oui, controversial for les français. I really like this. It has a kind of Beach Boys/meets early 80’s electropop feel. and the singer, Sébastien Tellier , is dressed like Jean Michel Jarre circa Concerts in China (or John Lennon circa Imagine) , even though he bears a striking resemblance to Charles Manson. I can’t decide whether this is a bad thing or not. Then again, I liked last year’s French song and look how that did…
  • UK: yawn. Next please. The UK will never do well in Eurovision as long as I have a hole in my bottom if they keep sending the vote for an entrant out to a prime-time Saturday audience. Can we have some edgier entries next year please?
  • Finland: anything with metal guitar in it is great by me. And in Finnish too. It clearly won’t win but what the hell, I like it.
  • Iceland: if the video’s anything to go by this will be a riot. I predict Terry Wogan will spend quite a bit of the UK commentary on this song talking about Ken Dodd and his tickling sticks. The actual singers look like Barbie and Ken.
  • Azerbaijan: not quite scaling the scenery chewing levels of camp of the Icelandic entry but it comes close, what with having someone who sounds like a castrato thrown into the middle of a Jim Steinman song. Different.
  • Sweden: Charlotte Perrelli’s song in 1999, Take Me To Your Heaven, was great, so this time round her effort is a bit of a disappointment.
  • Germany: Serviceable but dull
  • Latvia: is this the Wiggles in disguise? I’m sure Captain Feathersword’s up there. Still, the Hi-ho chorus should stick in some people’s heads. Big dumb fun.
  • Greece: OK in an ersatz Beyonce kind of way, but not actually all that memorable (certainly not as mental as their 2002 entry, SAGAPO). Might score on the, ahem (note to all lecherous men out there), visual side though .
  • Armenia: manages to sound both Europoppy and african at the same time. Think Yeke Yeke by Mory Kante. Not bad at all actually.
  • Poland: possibly trying the same visual approach as Greece, only slightly less effectively and with a fairly bland ballad of the kind Celine Dion tosses out in her sleep.
  • Russia: it’s not looking bad for the Russians; a half-decent (in its way) song and a good draw should hel it mop up any undecided voters once the whole block-vote thing has taken effect.

These are all that I have seen. There’s quite a lot of fun songs here as well as some craft on show, so it should be a decent night. Clearly the voting will be the usual farce, but that in itself is part of the entertainment.

Have fun!


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