Bloody Hell

Well, while I might never consider voting Conservative (for a whole bunch of rational reasons), I have to give great praise indeed to David Davis’ decision to
force a by-election in his constituency.

I have certainly admired both his and the LibDem stance on this and identity policy (like the NIR and ID cards). And this certainly puts the cat amongst the pigeons. Dangerous times lie ahead for both Brown and Cameron. Good.


3 thoughts on “Bloody Hell

  1. >Good points – I hadn’t appreciated that he may just feel so damn strongly about this single issue that he’d pin his career to it.Hell at least you now know what he stands for, unlike Cameron.


  2. >It does push the issue up the agenda though. Look at the coverage. The party line would have been to press on with something else after losing the vote, so this is the only way to pursue really, especially if you feel as strongly about it as he does.Even better, I pretty much figured how Davis would react to Labour’s tactics: first accusing him of pulling a stunt, then of considering not fielding a candidate. He was pretty sensible in using this to bash them over the head by saying it means they dare not debate the issue in public because they know they have already lost the argument.And finally of course, it has annoyed Cameron no end. Which can only be a very, very good thing indeed. Anything to wipe the smug, self-satisfied Blair-lite grin off his mooning spud-like visage.This is the kind of thing you can only really do once so Davis has to make it count as much as he can. I think that Labour would do well not to try and write it off that way as it may very seriously backfire on them. It’s just one other thing to rack up in the “bad” column if they do.


  3. >I commend the Lib Dem and Conservative stance on the issue but I don’t understand the tactical reasoning behind Davis resigning – surely he’s stronger in a party than alone? When he presumably wins his by election it will be waved off by team Brown as being a safe seat etc. I don’t see how he can successfully turn the election into a single issue vote.


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