A Human Face

The BBC this morning carried a story about the Conservative Party’s response to the online petition “Jeremy Clarkson for PM.” Number 10 posted this response on youTube.

The Conservatives (well, a spokesman) appeared to be apoplectic, claiming that it’s a waste of money and that they were being frivolous at a time when others are tightening their belts. Oh get a fucking grip, please. Looking at the film, it’s been cobbled from stock footage and probably didn’t take more than half an hour or so to knock up.

And you know what? It was quite amusing. All it shows to me is that, somewhere in Downing Street, works someone vaguely normal. And that it really is the silly season if Conservative Central Office have nothing better to carp about.

While we’re at it: Gary Glitter. Get him on the plane and bring him back here. I’m not sure there’s anyone in the UK now who doesn’t know Ming the Merciless’s pervier brother is a kiddy-fiddler. I think it’s fair to say that no one wants to be in his gang now and that he won’t be getting a job as a children’s entertainer any time soon. He’s our problem, let us deal with him.


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