It’s now November 9. I’m finding it hard to remember a time i didn’t feel like crap. But my antibiotics finish on Wednesday and it means, please God, I can go back to work.

I haven’t really been out for a week (except yesterday to my Mum and Dad’s to see Katie: death won’t stop me doing that. I paid for it though and slept for about 13 hours today) so I’ve been stuck inside. But because I’ve been ill I haven’t been able to do anything useful except sit around in a faint miasma. It has felt a lot like the quinsy I had a couple of years ago, but I’m not sure if it was the same thing.

I’m not out for sympathy, everyone gets ill; I seem to be lucky and not have to suffer too often, though when I do I get really hammered. I just hate the feeling of incapacity and not being able to do anything useful.

But hopefully soon all that will change and things will be normal again.


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