It’s Been A While

I’m conscious of the fact that I’ve not writen anything here since having a bloody good laugh at Mandelson getting hit with custard. But here I am on a Thursday evening, enjoying a little time off work and not really having a whole lot to write about. What has happened since last I wrote, other than the G20 summit finishing?

Well, I turned 39, so now I am offically nearly middle-aged. Which is nice. I have also finally started the driving lessons I’ve been trying to fit in since the turn of the year. Every so often I get to pootle around Whitby in a Ford Fiesta diesel. So far, the drivers of Whitby seem to have gotten off reasonably scot-free and my driving instructor (Emmo) is a sound bloke, which always helps.

The Easter holiday has started so there are few students around. This still means there are things to do, including lovely, lovely workshops on retention, exam and module administrivia as well as the start of planning for next years’ teaching. I have a fairly general idea of what I’ll be doing next academic session and I couldn’t really have asked for a better spread.

Whay I have been doing though is watching, listening to and reading stuff. I’ve finally manged to watch Batman Begins and am just about to dive into The Dark Knight. And because I enjoyed the movie V for Vendetta (and had just been to see Watchmen at the cinema) I took the plunge and bought the book, which I’d read parts of before. I was pretty impressed. It also made me see the movie in a new light, though to be honest I’m rather less critical of it than others have been; the movie version of things are rather more contemporaneous version of events, which works rather well.

I’m expecting a copy of Douglas Hofstadter‘s Gödel, Escher and Bach to drop through the letterbox very soon. It’s a book I’ve wanted to read for ages but just haven’t gotten around to.

I’ve also had my first really major dental work to contend with. Until this point, I’d only ever needed two fairly minor fillings and had ten years between them. This time I went for my check up to be told I’d need another, only for the damn thing to decide to abcess. So I’ve had my first root canal filling and it’s not even finished yet: I have one more visit next Wednesday to actually get the thing finshed, I hope.

What a fascinating life I lead 🙂

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