The Stink of Hypocrisy

With the emphasis firmly on sods to be honest.

I am laughing like a drain at the palpable wounded moral outrage emanating form some areas of the conservative party. So Damian McBride had a private email leaked which, according to the News of the Screws, contained appalling and unsubstantiated allegations like:

  1. ... a story that Conservative leader David Cameron has an embarrassing medical condition.
    What, like piles or something? More likely a manifestation of incurable smugness.
  2. …a vicious triple attack on Shadow Chancellor George Osborne. It suggests he had sex and took drugs with a prostitute, another smears his wife, and the third claims an ex girlfriend has photos of him in a bra, knickers and suspenders.
    Sounds pretty much like the kind of knockabout Bullingdon Club fun the tabloids would go for. Or at least snigger about behind their hands. It all sounds pretty much the kind of run of the mill boffo wheeze any MP would get up to of a weekend. One allegation was about Mrs Osborne’s mental stability. Well, she’s married to Osborne so you have to wonder. As for the photos, who hasn’t got some faintly embarrassing snaps hidden away somewhere, and theyre probably form university or soon after, so who gives a flying bollock, frankly?
  3. … involves MP Nadine Dorries and another Tory MP. Last night mother-of-three Dorries said she was consulting lawyers.
    Who? Next…
  4. … that a Tory MP used his position to get publicity for a firm in which his partner is boss.
    I’m failing to see how this is in any way unusual conduct for an MP anyway. Isn’t one of the whole points of a being a career hack in the House being able to do all that lovely networking.

At this point you have to say that McBride’s principal crime is being something of an idiot and, frankly, a bit of a cock. Oh, alright, a total cock. Worse yet, sending something like this, possibly unencrypted, using a medium that, by design, has an audit trail is stupidity of the very worst kind. The lesson here for any putatative spin doctors out there is to do it over the phone in future, or possibly even face to face. In burkhas.

But of course, the outrage was predictable. And the demands for an apology from Brown were hilarious. Like that was ever going to happen! Perhaps he should have offered to do so if CCO could guarantee that no one working there had ever done anything similar. Not likely, really is it? I heard someone on Radio 2 loudly declaiming that he’d never seen anything like it in 20 years of politics. Christ, he must have led a very sheltered life. I wonder if mummy ever let him out without his mittens on a string?

While we’re on the subject, I don’t seem to remember anyone from the Conservative party complaining when rumours started floating around Gordon Brown’s sexuality before his marriage, or even about Charles Kennedy’s personal problems. Once again, the selective memory kicks in.

I love the stink of hypocrisy, when those involved in the necessarily dirty business of politics quite hilariously attempt to hijack the moral high ground. And look gruesomely pompous and Pooterish in the process. It feels a bit like hearing Peter Sutcliffe complain that Harold Shipman wasn’t a very nice man.

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