You Must Be Kidding

Apparently, everyone’s favourite Tory Boy and used-car-dealer-alike ‘Dave’ Cameron, has started an election petition, saying:

“I don’t think the country wants to wait another year to pass judgement on their politicians and this Parliament.” 

Isn’t that nice? How lovely of Dave to have the interests of us plebs at heart, and not to be a shameless fucking opportunist who, in the best tradition of most myopic chancers, seems to forget that his own party is not exactly squeaky clean on the matters in hand. In his own words, the system is ‘paralysed’. But he conveniently fails to mention that his party is part of the problem, perhaps hoping that we’ll not notice. Unfortunately, while many of us are not that stupid, some are.

It’s not just the government, it’s the whole system people are angry about. Given the chance I think most of us would run our MP’s out of town with pitchforks and flaming torches. But to Dave, this is all just a jolly wheeze and a way to try and score points over the PM, which at present it’s a bit like kicking a puppy. No one thinks you’re either big or clever David. In fact you’re being a bit of a tit, so do us all a favour: either do something useful instead of grandstanding, or just shut up.

An election is probably the last thing that will help here because it will distract from the wider problems of the system in total. Perhaps that’s the idea; if we all concentrate on the election perhaps we’ll forget the murkier aspects of the political process and be good girls and boys, voting when we’re supposed to and leaving all the hard sums to our betters.


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