Dave Gorman – Middlesbrough Town Hall (November 11 2011)

It’s been a while since I saw Dave Gorman: about eight years, in fact, looking back at the promotional material for Googlewhack Adventure (which, if you haven’t seen yet, I advise you to go and buy immediately).  Because I liked Googlewhack Adventure and, to be honest, lots of the other stuff he’s done, I was really looking forward to this slight departure from other stuff of his I’d seen before. Previously, Gorman’s approach has been to pretty much deliver a lecture, based around an overarching theme or project. But with gags. Lots of gags.

Not this time. True, there were plenty of gags. Very good gags in fact, so you won’t be disappointed. This time, though, there’s no real great theme, just a collection of topics and thoughts, joined together like most other stand up shows. The big difference here is the use of Powerpoint.  He’s made use of Powerpoint a fair amount in the past, so it helps a couple of the early one liners if you’ve seen him working the medium before.

Now, I use Powerpoint a fair bit: I teach in a university, so that’s not much of a surprise. But Gorman is a master at it. Lots of the fun in his comedy seems to come from the misdirection of flow, leading you to an unexpected punchline, which is delivered using the Powerpoint mechanism (well, that and the brief spasms of almost primal rage that crop up from time to time).  There are lots of people using Powerpoint out there who should watch this as an object lesson in how to do it.

But, the key point in amongst all this is: yes, he’s funny. Very, very funny, and so is his show. You should watch it. It’s great. nnd so is the support act, Jay Foreman, evne though he looked a lot like Daniel Radcliffe in the spots at the end of the evening playing Land of Hope and Glory as DG’s accompanist. Buy his CD, it’s well worth a fiver of your money, even if you only listen to track 20.


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