Yes, She Still Is…

First off, I’ll say congratulations to the Duchess of Cambridge for being pregnant. It’s generally a very nice thing to happen for a (relatively) young married couple.

Right, that’s the nice bit dealt with…

Now, to all those news outlets who’ve spent the past 48 hours or so informing us that she’s pregnant, she has morning sickness, it’s bad morning sickness, and that she’s still pregnant. Can you please, please, please, please, SHUT UP.

We know the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant, thanks. We can’t really miss it, because that’s pretty much all you’ve been telling us since the middle of Monday afternoon. We kind of know how the process works. And we know that she won’t drop for another six months or so, so daily updates will not be required, thanks. And indeed, morning sickness is pretty common among pregnant women, most of whom don’t need an extended stay in hospital (even in the 1% of cases that become hyperemesis gravidarum). I wonder how many of them are feeling faintly annoyed that the Duchess got a shedload more attention from medical staff for it than they ever did.

So, to all our friends in the media: if you’d not push other important stuff out of the way, like the autumn statement, Egypt, Syria or (hugely conveniently) the aftermath of Leveson just because a young woman actually got pregnant, we’d be pretty grateful, thanks.


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