Off is the General Direction…

Off Several things to end this first full working week of  2013. The first is the lovely, heartwarming story from today’s BBC News that Nick Clegg fully intends to stand again in the 2015 election in his Sheffield Hallam constituency. Good luck with that one, Clegg  It could be one of the most hilarious constituency campaigns in the entire election and I’ll bet the cameras will be there when the returning officer delivers the inevitable result.

Meanwhile, in a private poll (well, it would be, wouldn’t it?) 69% of MPs apparently think they are underpaid, and should get around 32% more. At the best of times this would seem to be pushing the boat a little, but in a climate where this very week the Coalition have pegged benefit increases to a mere 1% per year, and public sector workers are getting very little, if at all, more (and many are being handed their P45s) it seems spectacularly offensive to think that they are worth this particular hike.  I wonder how those 1370 people at Jessops and 800 Honda workers at Swindon feel about that? Or how about workers in the North East, who have seen the real value of their pay drop by an average of 7.9% since 2008?

It might be justifiable to think about MPs salaries if we could do it while preventing them from taking rather lucrative outside work on at the same time, and massively reforming the system of allowances but I don’t think that’s going to happen in a hurry.  After all, a mistress and a moat for the little duckies don’t pay for themselves, do they?

And, oh, bless, nanny’s let little George out of the nursery so he can stamp his little foot at the beastly hun, and tell them that “we so too can leave the EU if we want, so there”.  If I were you, Gideon, I’d be a bit more focused on the looming possibility that we might be heading for a triple-dip recession. Will someone shut the cretin up, and put him back in his padded cell, please?


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